Free Download of Automatic App Translator Available by 312 Development

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Free Download of Automatic App Translator Available by 312 Development PRESS RELEASE: World Wide Web, 17-NOVEMBER-2014 – 312 Development is pleased to announce the release of Automatic App Translator for OSX Yosemite. Aimed at independent and small to medium sized iOS and OSX software development companies, the application automates the process of localizing and internationalizing applications built with Xcode. It was created as an inexpensive alternative to professional translation services, allowing developers to showcase, market and sell their applications on a global market. Speaking in a recent interview the developer states, “We’re able to harness the power of third-party APIs to translate applications in a quick and intuitive manner. Automatic App Translator uses the Google Translate API to translate .storyboard, .xib, and .strings files on a line by line basis. This provides an attractive alternative to hiring a translation service or performing these tranlations manually." The application has a streamlined, single-window interface which makes it easy to use, and is fully documented with help and personal support information. And unlike other translation tools it allows for interface files with a .storyboard or .xib file extension to be read in addition to .strings files. The application scans a selected project directory and, using the selected “lproj" folder, determines the intended language to which the file should be translated. It then display the files organized by language and allows the user to translate the file automatically or manually. Using Automatic App Translator is an ideal way to save time and money. Localizing an app can be costly and time consuming - an outside translation service is often not a financial possibility for independent developers, and a very costly one for small and medium sized businesses. This software aims to relieve the financial burden of translation an iOS or OSX app while doing so almost instantaneously. More information about Automatic App Translator can be found at Members of the press and others who have questions about the product or the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact the developer at the location provided below. Company Name: 312 Development Point of Contact: Erik Nielsen Email: Phone Number: 810-869-5453 Website: Link to Direct Download: Link to Press/Media Kit Download: